Thursday, October 18, 2012

From Age to Age, Consciousness of the Ages

Excerpt from my poem, Chamber of the Nest, describing one of my pre-incarnate memories:

and reflecting then
on the thought, shaking my tail
vowing remembrance

of my own story
through the fire river around
the world I came in

remembering back
before, how I can I tell it
my whole story, how ...

Excerpt of my poem, Dawn of the Ages, describing another one of my pre-incarnate memories:

we sang together
at the dawn of the ages
from the night I was made ...

In Tropical astrological reckoning I am a Capricorn. In Sidereal astrological reckoning I am an Aquarian. In the Hebrew calender (itself based upon the ancient Egyptian mysteries), I was born in the month of Tevet which corresponds to Capricorn/Aquarius. Interesting, is this overlap of Tevet with times part of Capricorn and part of Aquarius.

I was there, aware at the Turn and the Dawn of the Ages, as the once-new Age of Capricorn initiated, and as the once-again-new Age of Aquarius initiated. Interestingly, and related to these turns of the Ages, is the fact that in Northern Tradition mythology, my fylgja is a mouse-like creature associated with the beginning and rise of the New Age of Mammals following the end of the Age of the Dinosaurs.

On the turn of the ages and prehistory:

The Platonic (Mayan) Age of Capricorn so began, when historical man Homo Sapiens differentiated from his environment and first became 'different' from its homo relatives, like Homo Neanderthalensis.

The Platonic Age of Capricorn ended so 130,000 years ago and began the Platonic Age of Aquarius, the latter establishing Homo Sapiens in coexistence with the now different other species of homo and other genuses. Up to this point in time, the Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals used similar tools, but in the Platonic Aquarian Age, Homo Sapiens improved its technology and sophisticated its awareness of applicable tools.

Remembering back before, how can I tell it ...  I was there, aware before "historical man Homo Sapiens differentiated from his environment and first became 'different' from its homo relatives."

My patroness Hela is Giantess-Goddess.

Twelve Platonic Cycles are 311,040 years and 311,040 years ago the DNA-architecture of what was to evolve into Modern Man became inducted by what is mythologically called 'Lemurian Root-Soul-Energy' and also as the 'giants' and the 'Sons of God' impregnating the 'Daughters of Man', say as in your Genesis encodings Genesis.6.2-4.

Indeed, even before this, I was there, aware ... my fylgja (a personal aspect of the folksoul) is the mouse-like first mammal to arise following extinction of the dinosaurs. This mouse-like creature is the Ancestor to all mammals living today, including humans.

You might now understand that this encoding describes something before the Noahic 'Great Flood' and something after the 'perfect ten Noahic generations' redefined the 'Age of Man' as 120 years from a previous 'longer lived' generation and bounded by Methuselah's 969 years as the 'oldest man' who ever lived. So now some of you may understand the archetype of the 'Great Flood' as the nexus point in the human history, when a previous hominoid evolution became terminated and replaced with a new one. The previous hominoid generation was Homo Erectus culminating in the Lemurian archetype and then continuing in a multifaceted fashion with concurrent homninoids like Homo Neanderthalensis and 'great apes' like Gigantopithecus and after having itself evolved from Homo Habilis and Australopithecine ancestors dating back so 12 Grand Cycles earlier to 12x311,040=3,732,480 years.

The mysteries of time, the evolution of consciousness, and the mysteries of the soul are all interwoven.

we sang together
at the dawn of the ages
from the night I was made ...

From before the previous Ragnarok (reformation of the entire Cosmos), into the world I came in ...

remembering back, before, how I can I tell it ...

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