Saturday, October 06, 2012

U5b and V Migrated with Viking I1a

In follow-up to an earlier post where I reported that Saami major mtDNA motherline 2 haplogroup V is also found in my family, and given that both my own U5b haplogroup and haplogroup V are linked together in the Saami, it is interesting to note that both U5b and V are again linked together in a second group - this time in migration with male Y-chromosome haplogroup I1a, which has "been described as the Viking haplogroup."

It is believed on the basis of correlation analysis that (mtDNA) haplogroup V and U5b migrated together with male haplogroup I1a ...


(Y-chromosome) haplogroup, "I1a", which has been described as the "Viking" haplogroup because of its prevalence among men of Nordic extraction.

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