Monday, February 06, 2012

Ohhhh, the Anticipation!

י״ג בשבט תשע"ב
Imbolgen 15
Rowan 17

I've already submitted my DNA samples for analysis of my mitonchondrial DNA which will reveal my mitochrondrial motherline and mtDNA haplotype. Oh, the sweet anticipation!

I'm also preparing to submit my DNA for autosomal STR genetic analysis which looks at the DNA inherited by both the mother and father comprehensively. This test will tell me to which "world tribes" I belong. I'm doing the general 27-marker panel test, plus have added on three extra panels to look more closely at my European, Native American and Middle Eastern ancestry. I'm sending my samples off this week to the lab for analysis.

This is all so very exciting! I can't wait to get the results! I feel like a kid waiting to open a gift.

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