Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Genetic Ancestry Summary

ל׳ בשבט תשע"ב
Keowulf 3
Ash 6

I did the most extensive 27-marker genetic analysis available, along with specific population analyses (European, Middle Eastern and Native American). My United Kingdom (Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish) and Germanic ancestries were confirmed by the results. I now have to add to this European ancestral list Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. I was surprised by the results in that I have deep Swedish-Norse roots, an interesting and unexpected Middle Eastern ancestry (Armenian, Hungarian Jewish, Turkish, Israeli Jewish), and no notable Native American ancestry (despite oral family history). Taken all together, I can conclude that my primary genetic roots are pan-Celtic (including Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish and Belgic), Norse (including Swedish, Germanic and Norwegian), Italian, Armenian, Hungarian Ashkenazic Jewish, Israeli Jewish and Turkish.


kim said...

This is fascinating! You must be very excited. It's interesting about the Native American oral history from your family. My husband's family is said to have Native American 1 or 2 generations back, but we haven't been able to find it.

I received my necklace today. it is BEAUTIFUL!

Myfanwy said...

You're welcome. I'm happy you like it! :D

Myfanwy said...

I have 3 very plausible theories as to why it is that I didn't inherit any NA genetic markers, but I'm not going to share those publicly on my blog.

kim said...

I totally understand about not sharing certain things publicly. I have some Native American on my father's side. I'll have to dig that info out.......

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