Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Witch and the Prince

Imbolgen 29
Imbolc Eve

This morning, I dreamt.

I was a powerful witch, powerful in that no one had ever succeeded to kill me. My magical powers were also legendary. I was protected by the Universe.

Some group of magical practitioners was trying to find and kill me, but another small band of magical practitioners was trying to get me to a safe land out of the reach of those who kept trying to kill me time after time.

The protective group was trying to find a place to hide us all from the murderous magical practitioners who were coming close with little luck. So, I said to my group, "here is the Tree which has hidden me in the past." Then, we all lay down by the base of its trunk, and it pulled up some of its roots and covered us over like a blanket. The killing group passed right by us without an inkling we were there. When the murderous group had gone, we emerged from the embracing arms of the Tree. Yes, the Universe protected and still protects me.

There was some kind of military connection in the dream, like all of us, both those protecting me and those trying to kill me, were part of military groups. There was no fighting, but the military presence and flavor was clear.

The personal bodyguard assigned to me by my group's military commanders was a Prince. He had to be a Prince. No one other than a Prince was qualified to be my bodyguard. He went with me wherever I went.

Out in the open, one of the black tornado-like energies scouting around in the distance to locate me, did. Many tornado-like black energies gathered in the distance and headed in our direction.

One of the new magical practitioners to our group lived in a tree. From inside the trunk high up in the tree, he opened up his magical book of spells to thwart those dark energies heading toward us. My Prince knew the spells would be ineffective to stop the dark energies heading our way, and he said to me, "now is my time to shine." Just then, the dark energies were upon us and they took the forms of entrapping Ice. Everything they touched turned to immobile Ice. One of them captured my Prince and swallowed him up in Ice, blowing its Icy breath with him trapped inside it. I saw that from within the inside of the Icy breath of the Dark force, my Prince had turned into a radiant Sun energy. He was melting them from the inside out!

I woke up ... to an Ice storm happening outside. One nearby little town is already without power.

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