Monday, December 19, 2005

Sticks And Stones

Liorah (ogham, left; cursive hebrew, right)

The Druidic mystical alphabet of the Celtoi is called the Ogham. Ogham is pronounced "aum", like the Sanskrit word "ohm" and the Hebrew root word "alef-vav-mem". Ogham, aum and alef-vav-mem אום refer to the foundation of existence; to the ability to hold a "spark" of no-thing in physical existence. Each represents the emergence of light from darkness. Like Moshe Rabbeinu of Torah and the Dati of today, the Druidic class of the ancient Celtoi are givers and faithful guardians of the Law.

Not by sword or spear, not by strength, not by might, but with spark's of Hashem's spirit ... throwing ogham sticks and hebrew stones ... 1 Shmuel 17:47; Zachariyah 4:6

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