Monday, April 29, 2013

Annarr / Anþeraz - Uruz Rune Poem

I wrote this (descriptive) poem (of another preincarnate memory) also about 15 years ago and have posted it on my blogs before. I am now retitling it Annarr / Anþeraz , as it relates to "the Other", Uruz ("the Other rune"), the Night, endurance, changing form (unwinding), reformation (winding), control of chaotic primal forces, and manifestation.

and reflecting then
on the thought, shaking my tail
vowing remembrance

of my own story
through the fire river around
the world I came in

remembering back
before, how I can I tell it
my whole story, how

contemplating how
feeling this what, suddenly
who, is here with me

asks from the head who
around in circles I turn
unwinding myself

turning turning I
looking I pause to do what
who is here with me

in this darkest place
cool water in night, winding
around me your voice

spiraling about
binding me up speaking some
what say you to me

I trying turning
looking pausing to hear you
what say who to me

where have you rested
in wait for me, only me
you waiting for me

struggling down through worlds
into edges of edges
hearing your voice call

me into being
binding me about voicing
here I am, I am

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