Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Notes on Experience Surrounding ᛗᚹᚨ

In follow-up to my previous post (Voces Mysticae - ᛗᚹᚨ), this post records the dream and astral experiences surrounding the reception of this 3-rune phonetic phrase.

I woke up very early this morning before sunrise to the sound of my mother getting ready for work in the bathroom on the other side of the wall against which my bed is situated. I fell back 'asleep', sort of.

Suddenly, I was in my astral body, outside in the front yard near the road which runs in front of our rural home. It was dark outside. I noticed that the row of hedge [haag?] trees was not there as it is now, but the yard looked as it did when I was a little girl when all the neighborhood kids (myself included) would play a hiding game, 'hiding' from cars coming down the road at night with their lights on - we would drop down into the deep ditch which ran parallel to the rural road which ran east-west, sitting north of the property.

A car with its lights on was coming down the road from the east going west, I didn't drop down into the ditch - I remained floating in midair ('flying' in my astral body), caught in the light of the car's headlights as it approached. I wondered if the occupants of the car could see me in my astral body. They didn't seem to at all, as the car continued along its merry way, not slowing down nor doing anything to indicate that the driver could see my 'ghostly' form or anything unusual.

The car passed, and suddenly again, I saw a fog approaching across the road. It wasn't a desirable thing to be overcome by the approaching fog [Niflheimr?], so I went back towards the house to return to my body. Then things changed again, nothing was oriented as it was supposed to be to make navigating my way back to where my body lay easy. The road was now south of the house, windows were mismatched to their actual locations. As an astral being, I got caught by some kind of metal gripping contraption where a tv antennae used to be on the west wall of the house which was also a bit out of its place. Though I struggled, I couldn't get loose of its grip. Suddenly, I looked up toward my own bedroom window where inside, a belled pentacle [femsteor] wind chime hung - through it light streamed toward me - I was immediately released from the contraption's grip and woke up back inside my body.

I heard my mother in the bathroom drying her hair with her hair dryer.

I began to drift off again, but before I did, I 'saw' an ancient Viking 'drop down' into my world into my room.

I drifted off to sleep. There was a Viking raid in my ancient village. I'm not sure if I was a native of the particular village or not - I'm inclined to think probably not as I don't really recall that kind of emotional connection in the dream. Vikings were all over the village. I was trying to find a place to hide, but still out in the open, one Viking saw me. Everyone in the village was killed in the raid but me. I was captured by the Viking who had 'dropped down' as I had drifted off to sleep. He had decided to keep me - I became his captive bride, although I soon came to love him - he treated me well and loved me.

As I began to wake up, I heard the utterance - "mwa." ᛗᚹᚨ

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