Monday, March 07, 2011

Realization, Aim

Raven 5

My relationship with the Dark Goddess has changed over the course of many years. Today, She is my most powerful Patron, Friend and Guardian. I didn't see it that way in the beginning of my experience in the Dark Night of the Soul though. I had quite a bit of deprogramming to be accomplished in those early years of the Dark Night. I honestly can't say that I experienced what I expected. My psychic breakdown was not the result of some self-fulfilling prophecy. On the contrary, many of my anger issues revolved around the destruction of my expectations and the failure of my expectations to line up with the reality I experienced. I don't hold tightly onto expectations anymore. Expectations are fluid and more adaptable these days.

At this point in my psychospiritual development, my aim is clarity rather than the fulfillment of my expectations.


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Myfanwy said...

Thank you for your comment and appreciation!

Dare to be true to yourself.