Saturday, September 04, 2010

Experiments In Black

כ״ו באלול תש"ע
Belz 28

Well, I think I've finally got a good ratio of black dye to use in my handcrafted SALEM black soy candles (soon to be available at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu). Let me tell ya, soy does not take color as readily as paraffin.

I also think I've got a good fragrance ratio for the blend of Dragon's Blood oil I'm using to scent it - it was actually a bit tricky to make the fragrance I wanted. I'll know for sure in a few days when I do the burn test (after the completed candle has cured for 48 hours) if I'll have a good scent throw using this blend and amount. Did you know soy has memory? I do now.

I'm still working on an optimum wick for my smallest size SALEM black pillar (2" x 3"). After the burn test, a judgment will be made as to if I've found the right one to complement all the ingredients I'm using in this candle.

Captain's log note - I've mastered the art of pouring! Yay!

I feel like I've turned my bedroom into a scientific laboratory with all these experimental notes I'm putting into my Book of Shadows. Yes, I've set up my candle making paraphernalia right in my own room with a little table and all. This way I can work on it any time I want to.

A good black soy candle is pretty hard to find commercially - one scented perfectly with Dragon's Blood is impossible to find. The end result of my experiments will definitely be worth it.

Next up, I may start my experiments with hand dipped tapers.

Do you know how much fun candle making is? This is great! I'm going to be a real chandler.


~Darlene~ said...

Very neat. I love the pic of the candle you have posted here. Are any of your products available over the internet?
I too have played with making my own candles, yet none of them came out looking all that
I use them for personal use, but I seriously doubt anyone would want to buy

~Blessed Be~

Myfanwy said...

Thank you! Yes, the candle section of my Etsy shoppe is found here.

Don't give up on candle making - it's pure once you've got your recipes and techniques worked out.

Blessings to you and yours.

Dare to be true to yourself.