Sunday, June 01, 2014

Positive Contact Experience & Galactic Consciousness

THE ALIENS IN THE FAMILY, our cosmic family. In our physical bodies, we experience only a tiny fraction of what we are. WE are children of the Cosmos.

Among researchers studying UFO phenomena, alien encounters are classified according to the perception of the individual experiencing the encounter.

People who have negative contact experiences are called abductees.

People who have contacts which are neither negative nor positive are called experiencers.

People who have positive contact experiences often report experiencing GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS.

The linked article discusses positive contact experiences this way:

Contact with positive extraterrestrials is a situation wherein an alien and a human agree to work together. The agreement is made before the human comes to this planet. Contact is made for a specific purpose and only when the time is right and the contactee is ready. There is every effort by the positive aliens to avoid causing fear. At no time is the contactee’s free will in jeopardy as the contactee may end this agreement at anytime.

It is interesting to note that in the case of positive ET encounters, that the initial contact was made with the individual prior to incarnation on this planet.

Just as with my fylgja (contrasexual personal guardian spirit as taught in Germanic paganism), who was with me as I incarnated physically (which I've described on my blog several times over the years), who is always with me, and who revealed himself again to my consciousness to take me on a literal journey through the Cosmos (where I experienced this thing called Galactic Consciousness) when I was 5-6 years old as described in these poems:


hey you, what are you looking at
the mouse seemed to say silently, to me one day
hidden in the closet, coming close to see
where land meets sea, isolating some field of awareness
distracting the mind toward some special duty
hey you, what did you say
you talkin' to me?

hey you, what do you hear
the mouse seemed to say silently, to me one day
hidden in the closet, coming close to hear
wandering around this anomaly of conversation, suddenly plucked up
toward the task at hand, wiping off all others
hey you, do you hear what I hear
who goes there, talkin' to me


when I was six and
something happened, in my closet
finding a mouse, dead
in the closet
not afraid of mice, beginning to pick it up, stopped by
its eyes, open
I could not stop looking
I could not stop wondering
at it
it meant something more
beyond what I was
this mouse

looking at me

what what what what
listening I
could not move
I could not move
becoming being
mashing together, collapsing into my gut
a silence
cutting the bursting emptiness, when
eternity into a split mo-ment
a rush of
a whirlwind
bursting full
more than I could
ever understanding at once
coming out through my insides
surrounding filling
in the closet
to hold this treasured possession
in my mind of edges
yet then
trusting and letting go
these going out
such a strange thing was this doing
I was doing
turning inside out
becoming being within
of infinite place
above without end and below without bound

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