Friday, February 28, 2014

Testing for SNP P95 and SNP M379 Ordered

In follow-up to my previous post, all of the results for the 37 Y-DNA markers I had tested for my dad are in. His Y-Hg is I-M223 (I2b1*). His Y-DNA was not tested for these I-M223 subclade SNPs:

I2b1a - M284!, L126!
I2b1b - M379!
I2b1c - P78!
I2b1d - P95

In my dad's Haplotype Origins matches, he matches a few individuals in Poland who are confirmed I2b1d (formerly I1b2a4), so I have ordered the test to have have his Y-DNA tested for SNP P95.

According to this information on RootsWeb, the P95 haplotype is rare (but has some time depth to it and has been found in Holland, Germany and Poland). Testing for M284 and P78 may not yield positive results.

I've also ordered the test for SNP M379.

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