Friday, October 11, 2013

Leikn Likes To Play

Viktor Ryberg (Our Fathers Godsaga) claims that the true name of the giantess/goddess Hel of Norse mythology is Leikin.

Leikin (althernatively, Leikn) is a name related to the Old Icelandic word leika, "to play".

I like the interpretation of the name Leikn as associated with "playing" - there is joy in playing. I personally particularly like playing with thinking. I actually wrote a poem about this too 15-20 years ago, so this name fits Hel I think:

Dangerous Mind

what within me
drives my need to know
why this why in my mind

curious, thrilled, excited
tired, exhausted, spent

percolating always
analyzing always
skeptical always

playing with thinking
flying away

why this why in my mind
so I search
to discover

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