Monday, July 22, 2013

Protective Encounters with Wights of the Land

Over the course of my life, I've had several experiences with land wights, most very good - like the time when I was a little girl alone in the woods behind my house and fell asleep in a cove-like place by the stream in the bright warm arms of the spirits of the place. I'll never forget this one, ever.

One oddly interesting and powerfully dangerous one though I actually experienced in parallel with another person - my ex-husband during the early days of our marriage, probably about 30 years ago. We were out fishing together at night at the local state park like we did sometimes. We had set up our fishing gear, lawn chairs, started a campfire and had just settled down to do some fishing. We had our lines cast and were waiting. But I began to feel very very uncomfortable, as if something very dangerous and deadly was watching us from somewhere in the woods. There were no unusual noises, just the normal noises one hears in the woods by a river. Those normal animal noises were undisturbed, so I figured there wasn't a person or predator lurking about. I tried to disregard the anxiety, but it soon built up into a panic, I jumped up out of my lawn chair and said, "I think we should call it a night." My ex-husband readily agreed, jumping up out of his chair almost at the same time I did to help me pack up. We rushed, both of us, getting our stuff back into the back of the red and white VW van we had. We threw the stuff in (not normal for either of us) and just as quickly jumped into our seats and locked our vehicle doors (also not normal to us). We did all this in a hurried rush, without saying one word to one another, both of us in an unspoken frightful panic. As soon as our doors on the van were locked, we faced each other - "did you feel that?" I asked my ex-husband. He simply said "Yes." And we sped down the long dirt road out of there, every once in awhile I turned and looked out the rear window fully expecting to see a werewolf or something chasing us. Neither or us ever saw anything or heard anything unusual. We simply had some kind of encounter with something very dangerous.

I've been to this park many times over the decades and only once after that did I ever feel anything similar - I was driving through the park alone in my car about 2 years ago and it was there again and didn't want me there. It (though I never saw "it", I only perceived its presence) followed me as I drove until I was out of the park.

I also felt the presence of this entity once not in the park but near a house I lived in (which was also near the woods) as a young mother, sometime around the same time of the park experience with my ex-husband. I was at home alone with my 3 young children while my ex-husband was working at an evening job. I felt the same dangerous presence (or perhaps, warning of danger) outside - clearly I needed to get my children and myself out of the house NOW. I packed us up in my car in a rush and left and didn't go back until my husband had gotten home. When I went back, the danger had passed and all was well again. The feeling of a presence of dreadful danger was gone.

These are only a few examples of my experiences with the wights of the land.

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