Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three Spirals Of Understanding

ה' באב תשס״ט
Lughnasadh 6

In follow-up to an earlier entry (Mystery of the Half-Blood Princess), there are three interesting spirals of understanding to be found in the analysis of the three Hebrew words which came out of that entry, namely:

foal - סיחן
horse - סוס
donkey - חמור

First spiral of understanding - The three words are a triplet of the Divine Feminine. These words are Torah of the triple spiral Goddess.

Second spiral of understanding - While the root (סוס) of the Hebrew word for horse means to 'move quickly', the root (סוח) for the Hebrew word for foal means to 'move slowly'. Before one may safely move quickly, one must first learn to move slowly and to progressively control moving quickly.

Third spiral of understanding - While סוס moves quickly, both סיחן and חמור move slowly. Moving quickly is balanced, surrounded and protected by moving slowly. This is the essence of circlecasting. The high-energy magic-making which goes on inside a witch's circle is protected at both the undifferentiated (nonspecific foal which can be either a horse or donkey) and differentiated (raw material substance) levels of reality. The consciousness of a witch's circle may differentiate into whatever is required to protect that which is inside.

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