Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Travellers' Sphere of Protection

כ״ד בתמוז תשע"א
Faunus 26

Last night I dreamt.

My husband, children and I were travelling [this family of mine that I was travelling with had no real life identities associated with it, and may be symbolic]. My husband and I had at least three children, none were babies or toddlers or teenagers. It seems we were travelling up toward the Chicago area. We stopped for the night a bit south of the Chicago area to stay overnight in a fancy luxurious motel fitted with anything we could desire. Our accomodations in this fancy motel had been paid for by business associates of some kind.

The motel was more like a large apartment with several bedrooms, a full extended kitchen, food, drinks, a booth table in one particular dining area, televisions of all sizes, and so many extras that I didn't take note of them all. I did note that every single one of the televisions was turned on when we arrived, which I thought was strange (particularly since I am person who likes quiet). There was also another thing I thought strange - a wooden trap-door-like structure in the floor in one of the many den areas which when open revealed a water filled well or lake beneath it. It was supposedly there for those who enjoyed fishing to fish (like ice-fishers fish through holes cut into the ice over a frozen lake, only this wasn't a frozen lake but warm water). The dark water reminded of the old film Creature from the Black Lagoon. There was definitely something dangerous down there in that water. The place was open when we arrived, but I closed the wooden door in the floor over it.

Not a person who likes fishing myself, the whole arrangement was now very fishy to me. My suspicions had been aroused the moment I walked through the door of our motel 'room' which was so luxuriously more than just a motel room for the night. I felt we had been deliberately put into a situation like in the song Hotel California, where people check in but they don't check out. This was a test, no doubt.

I saw telepathically that the business associates who had booked this 'room' for us had spoken or did speak quasi-assuringly to my husband (thinking I could not hear, I think) at some point 'not to worry' and that around us all was a circle of protection from Binah. I knew that this level of protection was insufficient for the dangers lurking by staying in this room for the night, and I also discerned that my husband was not assured by the assurance given by the business associates, so I whispered to my husband, into his ear, "don't worry, our sphere of protection extends much much deeper than that." We indeed would survive this night, where none others had.

Right before waking up - and this is very weird, but here it is - I saw that our business associates had somehow put us (our family) into a 'car' (like those in a ride at an amusement park) over the place where the 'fishing hole in the floor' was. The car was supposed to flip over (or rotate like an amusement park ride), but they had fixed it to drop us into the dark water where we would be trapped forever with the creature who was down there and who would kill us, but I fixed their fix and outsmarted them. We flipped over into the water for sure, but I had arranged it so that the creature that was down there was caught in the car and came up into the motel room where we weren't and where the business associates who were trying to kill us were.

We were safe, anyway. Definitely not sure those trying to kill us are safe though.

I woke up, knowing we had checked out of that gawdawful motel room that no one has ever checked out of before.

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